What a wonderful event! I have been to Paint Nite events but I have never had the opportunity to paint my own pet with the amazing guidance of an expert (Meredith in this case - Hi!)...I think Painting & Vine is the first one to offer such a fun service.I look forward to coming back so I can paint my two cats and I hope Meredith would be my instructor again.


The instructor for the evening was so SO cool. Her instructions were both easy to follow and very encouraging at times when I needed assistance. I have always hesitated with shading and adding highlights to my art pieces but she really pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new techniques, resulting in a fabulous art piece.


Studio is a perfect size with plenty of room to stand up when you need to stretch or take a break. The rolling stools were comfortable.  I didn't feel cramped in my spot and didn't feel like I was elbowing my neighbors on either side of me. Phew...  The lighting was also great. I have done the bar painting events and they're fun for the atmosphere and food but lighting is always tough.


The canvas, brush options/qualities, and paints were great. I have struggled with old bent bristles and a bad selection of brushes at other studios and it really can put a damper on the experience. I appreciate the care put into these details. There were also a lot of secondary colors which helped us save time so we didn't have to struggle with mixing and remixing to get the right green, or dark blue-black, which also eliminated frustration I've experienced before.


All the staff members at Painting & Vine were really nice and super welcoming.  We had an instructor who leads us step by step through the painting process.  She helped to provide the paint colors that would fit our portrait the best.

If you have a furry friend that needs to be immortalized on a canvas, I highly recommend checking out Paint and Vine!!


This is the new team building event. No question. 3 hours, and in the end, you take home your own artistic interpretation of a pet you love. Beautiful. And here's the thing - even those of us who "don't paint" or "aren't artistic" managed to pull off some major canvas miracles, mostly thanks to instructor Meredith.  Seating is limited to 12 people, which is a great "get to know everyone" size. They offer fundraising packages, and I already have lots of ideas of how to incorporate future visits into both team building and fundraising. This was an unexpectedly great evening, and I am definitely hooked. 


Totally not a fan of these painting events.  However, this is the exception.  The pre outline of our pups was key. We received paint blobs of our colors and then were instructed to create. The next 3 hours were a blast! I talked to so many cool folks and had so much fun finishing my painting.  Everyone's final product looked so good. I kinda want to meet their pets.


So fun with great crowd.  The friendly hosts and overall joyful environment make this a future revisit.


 I've been to other paint and wine type events but this was by far the best.


I would love to come back and paint my other pup! What an awesome experience overall!